Why organic food is critical for children

By their very nature children are more sensitive to pesticides than adults. A child's body continues to grow until 18 but their brain and nervous system are under development until the age of 25.

Farm Fresh Fare Guide

Irresistible recipes that make the most of local ingredients

Vegalicious Quiche

Life can get a little more hectic and crazy over the holiday season - family gatherings, social events, parties - the works!

Eco-Holiday Gift Guide

Check out our hot list of 12 eco-savvy holiday gifts that will leave even the Grinch green with envy!

On the first day of the holiday my true love gave to me…

Fall Food Garden & Harvest Tips

With the cold weather approaching and winter’s chill just around the corner, gardeners around Canada are starting to pack it in.

Thankful for preserves

With the fall harvest in full swing we caught up with Dana Harrison and Joel MacCharles of WellPreserved.

Curl up with this comforting seasonal fave

As an entrepreneur you never know where your next idea could come from… a great documentary, a book, or for Daniel and Marie of Urban Acorn,

Vegan Bread Pudding with “Unwanted Fruit”

There is a long history of mid-western farmers in Chef Daniel Holloway’s family.

Plan your visit to the 2015 Green Living Show!

1) Taste:
The Mindful Plate: a delicious way to shrink your "foodprint”
An impressive array of Ontario

A Plum Idea

Canada’s urban harvesters are ahead of the curve.

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