Ask Mark Cullen

Master gardener Mark Cullen answers reader questions about veggie gardens, pest control, composting and more.

Harvest your own sprouts

Spring is here and many of us are busy planning our soon-to-be-bountiful vegetable gardens.

Rainbow Kale Slaw

Lacinato kale, also known as dinosaur kale, isn’t as tough as curly kale and lends itself well to raw salads like this one. This recipe will easily double for a big group or potluck.

Mango-Mint Green Smoothie

Mint and fresh lime juice are the surprise ingredients in this incredibly refreshing morning smoothie, made with mango and spinach.

Serves: 2

Silky Sweetheart Puddings

We love these puddings with red grapefruit, but strawberries, raspberries or other seasonal fruits would also be terrific. Make the puddings in heart-shaped cups if you have them.

Gong Bao Chicken

In the era of McDiets and packed schedules, it’s harder than ever to incorporate healthful meals into our families’ diets.

Double Chocolate Cake

This vegan, gluten-free cake is packed with flavour from a combination of baking chocolate and cocoa powder, and gets its sweetness from dates and applesauce instead of refined sugar.

Clementine Crush Sparkling Cocktail

Thanks to the vibrant flavours of clementines (or satsumas if you prefer), cranberries and fresh rosemary, this pitcher full of sparkling wine-based cocktails is prime for winter celebrations.

Love hurts

Valentine’s Day means thousands of Canadians will be heading to the florist to purchase that classic symbol of undying love – a bouquet of roses.

Be my (eco) Valentine

Valentine’s Day is all about love, romance and, well…consumerism. This year, pick something that’ll appeal to your Valentine’s heart and conscience.

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