8 easy food swaps for optimal health

Eating healthy doesn’t necessarily mean completely overhauling your diet. Small changes can add up. Keep these eight better choices in mind when you plan meals.

A simple guide to safer produce

We love buying organic. Not only is it smart to reduce your exposure to toxic chemicals, but picking organic also supports environmentally friendly farming practices.

Spirit of the Hoser

Whether crafting or consuming, Canadians are no strangers to experimenting with alcohol.

Dealing with picky eaters

If you Google “meal ideas for picky eaters” the results are endless. Even Oprah has suggestions. Maybe we’re looking at it the wrong way.

Alphabet Soup

We love this delicious real alphabet soup recipe, which is much more nutritious (and tasty!) than the canned version.

Pumpkin and Millet Muffins

These muffins offer an intriguing crunch, thanks to the toasted millet. Savour them warm from the oven,

Coconut-Gingersnap Sweet Potato Pie

Roasted sweet potatoes transform into a wonderfully sweet pie with subtle coconut flavor.

Butternut Squash Mac & Cheeze

We’re thrilled to share the ultimate comfort food recipe, created by our friends at Lettuce Change.

5 Smoothie Recipes!

Morning, noon or night—smoothies are a great way to boost your nutrition and increase your energy levels.

The natural makeover diet

Our faces don’t lie. You can determine the state of a woman’s health simply by looking at her skin, hair, and nails.

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